Peace Pilgrim photo by James B. Burton
Photo by James B. Burton

Music By and About
Peace Pilgrim

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In addition to speaking, Peace Pilgrim also enjoyed music. She learned to play the piano at a young age and often would put new words to familiar tunes. On occasion she created both words and music in new compositions. Her song "I Am" sung by Kathy Miller is offered here in MP3 formas.

Words and music by
Peace Pilgrim
sung by Kathy Miller

I Am - 1.5 Meg

New The title track of their album
Peace Pilgrim

The Holy Fathers of St. Katrina

Holy Fathers album cover

Listen to Jody Kessler's
new Peace Pilgrim song:

Step by Step

Jody Kessler
Jody Kessler
Visit her website to learn
more about this incredibly
gifted musician

A beautiful instrumental composition
inspired by Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim Suite
at SoundCloud
on Vimeo

Ignacio Núñez
Javier Arnanz

Listen to Shelley Koffler's
Peace Pilgrim song from
American Sage Documentary

I Will Remain a Wanderer

View Documentary
One hour run time


I become the eagle album cover

I Become the Eagle
(Shelley's CD )

Vera Renella from "The Offering" band of Sweden put Peace Pilgrim's "Prayer for Peace in a War Weary World"* to music.

Listen to Vera's extraordinary voice - Prayer for Peace

* (text can be found on pg. 168
of the Peace Pilgrim book)

Jimmy Braskett discovered Peace Pilgrim on this website and was inspired to write a song about Peace.

Peace by Jimmy Braskett

Jimmy Braskett

Visit Jimmy's
myspace page

Rebecca Foster shared her song about Peace Pilgrim and the inspiration we find in Peace's life and message. Visit Rebecca's website - The Center of Joy

Peace Begins with Me

Peace Pilgrim

The Hoodie Monks are a Japan based Zen rap group who have used Peace Pilgrim's "Steps Toward Inner Peace" as the basis for this song.

People R Good

Hoodie Monk

Pat Lamanna frequently spends
Saturdays at a peace vigil
near her home in Poughkeepsie, NY.
She often shares this song
with other peace makers.

Peace Pilgrim

Pat Lamanna - Full Circle

Pat's website


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