U-PAZ Academic Seminar

University for Peace - Costa Rica
United Nations University for Peace
Colon, Costa Rica

On November 18, 2000 an academic seminar "Personal Stories about the Influence of Peace Pilgrim on our Lives and Development of further Resources for Peace" featured several speakers who knew Peace and others who had been strongly influenced by her life and message.

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Dedication photos

Seminar Speakers

Mary Newswanger - Costa Rica Organizer
John and Ann Rush - Friends of Peace Pilgrim
Mayte Picco-Kline - Spanish Book Translator
Helene Young - Peace Pilgrim's Sister
Jemila Ericson - Actress who Portrays Peace Pilgrim
Bruce Nichols - Webmaster
Cheryl Canfield - Peace Pilgrim Book Compiler/Author
Barbara Reynolds - Peace Educator



Mayte addresses seminar

Helene Young speaking
Peace Pilgrim's Sister
Helene Young

Seminar organizers Cheryl,, Mayte, Mary

Seminar Organizers: 
Left to Right
Cheryl Canfield
Mayte Pico-Kline
Mary Newswanger

Seminar break
Gathering on the lawn during a break.

Cheryl and friends
Cheryl with family and friends.

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